Member Bright Spot! Suzanne Lane

an amazing story of overcoming weight loss struggles by our incredible member, Suzanne Lane
Scott McAlee
October 26, 2023
Member Bright Spot! Suzanne Lane

At Durable, we have the opportunity to work with so many amazing members of the community, and Suzanne has always been a person that's been a joy to have in classes. We can't speak highly enough of all the hard work she puts in, both in and out of classes, and her amazing results speak for themself!  We were ecstatic to share her journey at CrossFit Durable! 

She was nice enough to answer some questions that we thought would help so many who have tried to or are trying to make a change in their life style but just haven't quite figured out the balance that fits them just yet.

Again, we couldn't be prouder of her and all her hard work. This was not an overnight success and her story should inspire us all to keep putting in the work, because great things can happen! 

How long have you been a member with CrossFit Durable?

I’ve been a member since March 2015……when I realized that I could build strength at any weight…..but I’ve definitely been more committed to weighing less and lifting more  since October 2020 when I turned  49.

What motivated you to make a change?

I wanted to be the best version  of myself yet at 50- because it was never going to be any easier, and I was really feeling how the days are long but the years so short.    

How did you transition to staying  consistent in your weight loss efforts? What strategies or habits helped you maintain your consistency?

I’m still a work in progress in this regard, but I’ve had a lot of success with intermittent fasting ... .just time restricted eating at first, but later some 36hr extended fasting).  It takes the pressure off of having to make decisions about what to eat three times a day…and having to find the will power to stick to that plan three times a day.  Im taking a break from it. Right now…..trying to eat more protein, develop a breakfast habit…and using a meal delivery service for dinners.  

When you reflect on your journey, what factors do you believe contributed most to your results? Can you share some of your most effective strategies or techniques?

I really noticed a difference mentally and physically when  I started coming 4 days a week more consistently.  I’m able to keep a connection to the achievements/struggles from a previous workout in a way that didn’t happen for me when a day or two or five  would lapse in between.  Also…switching up class times to workout with different coaches and different athletes from time to time is great to keep from getting too comfortable with your regular crew.  I really feel more “at home” at CFD  doing those things over just  the last few years, than I did from all the years before.

What was your mindset like before you started your journey, during the process, and how has it evolved

           I realized that I was too focused on what needed to be done that day…..thankfully that often included CFD, but there seemed to be an endless # of tomorrows to lose the weight and get stronger. Now I’m more protective of my work/life balance.  Working late was a frequent excuse to miss workouts and eat unhealthy food….and they definitely don’t pay me enough for that!

What has helped you stay on track and motivated? What drove you to continue, when facing adversity?

           Looking at years(!) of weight records in MyFitnessPal and reminding myself that weight loss over time isn’t a straight line.  Recording workouts in SugarWOD to also see progress over time.  Trying to make the Committed Club list each month!  

What struggles, whether they were mental, physical, or psychological, did you encounter during your weight loss journey, and how have these challenges evolved or changed over time?

  I still struggle with setting goals….either for fear of failure to achieve something or fear of losing motivation to maintain the achievement.  I’m finding it better for me to set goals like hitting at least 3 workouts a week, or eating at least 15g of protein for breakfast.  I’m still hoping to develop into someone that feels an immediate difference in eating a healthy meal vs an      unhealthy one.  

         For the women who might be reading your story, what additional insights or advice would you like to offer, specifically related to a woman's experience with weight loss?

Keep an open mind and try out different approaches…something that didn’t work for you five years ago, might work today….and vice versa.

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