Jake Walker

Jake Walker


Sub 7 minute mile, 360lb deadlift, great at pull-ups, rope climbs, and most other body weight movements


CrossFit Level 1 Certificate


CPR Instructor

About Coach

I joined my local volunteer fire department when I was 14 years old, and have been volunteering for over 12 years now. I currently serve as a Captain with The Plains Volunteer Fire Company. I enlisted in the Virginia Army National Guard in 2014 as an Infantryman and have had the opportunity to serve in many different roles. These experiences have given me the discipline to stay consistent with showing up and working out. It’s also given me the mental strength to push through tough situations, knowing they won’t last forever.

Turning Point

I decided to start taking my fitness seriously when I was falling behind in PT tests for the Army. I was always able to maintain passing scores without much dedication, but as I got older I was no longer able to pass unless I prepared for weeks ahead of time. I wanted to be better at my job and get higher scores, so I joined my wife at our local CrossFit gym and I have been consistent ever since.

Motivation & Passion

During my time in the military, I’ve had many examples of good and bad leaders. I use that experience to be the best leader I can be while coaching my classes. I like to bring a mixture of fun, motivation, and compassion, while also not allowing excuses or distractions

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