Patty Bordenet

Patty Bordenet

Nutrition Coach, Coach







About Coach

My natural affinity since childhood has been health,. I loved trail running and the water, and anything science related the had to do with movement and body systems. That led me naturally to Uva's School of Nursing. While most of my career was spent in bedside critical care, my passion has always been preventative care. Fast forward 20+years, retired from the bedside, and now a full-time personal trainer, nutrition coach, and class coach, I'm doing exactly what I was always meant do.

Turning Point

Imposter Syndrome is a real thing. Total vapor lock, never feeling prepared enough, feeling like a fraud despite all the right certifications and degrees, plagued me my whole life. I still fight it. The shift comes with a hard look at why I'm nursing and coaching. Its not to be the one that knows the most, or achieves perfection. I'm coaching and nursing to help people; to leverage what I know for their betterment. They are the focus, not me! Decentralizing self, and fear, and ego, has been a powerful tool professionally and personally for me!

Motivation & Passion

My purpose in coaching is to leverage what I know for the betterment of anybody who needs and wants it. I love coaching the discouraged client, the one unsure of their own capabilities and potential. I love coaching the client who needs information, and explanation. Whether its weight loss, strength/muscle gain, movement skill or technique, mindset or habit change, seeing a client's "before" and "after" physically, emotionally, mentally is a huge thrill!

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